What is Crystal Awareness Academy? 

Crystal Awareness Academy is about the practice of analyzing your relationship between – personality, mind, and inner self that brings about deeper clarity in understanding and knowing yourself. 

What is Crystal Awareness :

Crystal Awareness is about clarity, awareness, openness, understanding and knowing about yourself. It is a transformative education which involves expansion of your physical, emotional, mental and inner wellbeing approach through a specific self-improvement teaching/mentoring for growth and individual success. This is achieved through a process of discovering yourself through our specific programs designed to uncover the hidden talents and many values and qualities.

Our Method

This method teaches and mentors individuals that will inspire, educate, and develop you to clarity in level of knowing and understanding yourself. These new insights which you will develop, is an evolution process of the circle of excellence & opens you to joy, happiness and allow you to start living a young healthy life.
Further this method will open to answers not only to what and why of your challenges, it will also show you the how to through process of stepping out of your obstacles and misunderstandings that you are imprisoned for long time.

This method is a unique and elegant approach to your new beginning which Crystal Awareness Academy has created. This method allows you to:

  • Identify your challenges.
  • Becoming aware of your key challenges.
  • Processing and stepping out of your old patterns.
  • Recognizing and developing your trues qualities.
  • Practicing your true values and evolve more.

Our Approach

Our approach is a simple yet very powerful and includes:

  • How to develop stillness and mirroring through circle of excellence.
  • How to process through emotional openness so you understand relationship of your personality with your consciousness and inner self
  • Providing guidelines and pointers to your misunderstandings and how to overcome them.

These approaches are used in our teachings in all our programs and participants benefit from our continuous support and guidance.

Your Benefits

  • Benefit from author`s own life experiences of 35 years, challenges and realizations.
  • Become aware 
  • Know & Understand yourself & others 
  • Develop the deeper understanding  of your qualities, values and overcome many misunderstandings.
  • Expand the possibilities for growth & expansion – developing your new image and identity.
  • Living beyond image, identity and concepts.
  • Benefit from Q/A, and different tools taught.

Our transformative education Programs

Elite Program

The Secrets of Empowering Yourself

First be understanding, then your knowledge is enlightened

Gold Program

Beyond Struggles, Beyond Fears – Success & Power

Elegance of possibilities and potentials

Little Reflections programs

The Power of Emotional Openess

First unlock yourself, then discover your true value

What are some of the areas you will learn?

  • About you and your reflections and discovering yourself.
  • Patterns and challenges and your true motivation
  • How to overcome mental, emotional, physical and energy level challenges 
  • Understanding and forgiving yourself
  • Discover and develop many of your true qualities to apply in your daily work
  • Taking action and practice 
  • Living with awareness and power

Results of learning through this program.

  • Your deeper understanding and knowing will be optimized in many  much quicker and faster
  • Unfold and develop many changes in your personal and professional life through specific steps
  • Having the clarity, awareness, understanding and knowledge of your true power
  • Opening to your potentials, possibilities, emotional depths.
  • Allow more fun, happiness and joy in your life

What is your requirements to benefit from the program

Your outcomes are your own (as the individual), you must be committed and disciplined in every way, and focus and be open to the curiosity of learning: through experiential-based teaching tools and appropriate guidance.

Our Participants

Our participants come from various areas who are involved in professional activities such as sports, entertainment, the health industry, hospitality & leisure, wellness, entrepreneurs, CEOs, senior managers, personal growth ,general administrations .

Our key participants have been women in 18+ including university students, housewives, young parents and families, who are experiencing many challenges and willing to enrich their lives.

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