"One must have a chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star.”


Our Little Reflections Program

« The Power of Emotional Openess »

First unlock yourself, then discover your true values

This is the program that has high demand from many of the working professionals and non-professionals in business, sports, education, health industry, students, and many more because this involves emotional and mental development and where people can learn to overcome some of the areas of misunderstandings.

Each individual topic will awaken you to understanding how you can evolve and expand to a new higher level. 

The biggest obstacle for many in digging deep into the unknown is overcoming their FEARS. The learning can only happen if you are open to channeling your fears then change can happen in many ways.

This program is for many of you who are stuck with all kinds of frustrations and confusion but most importantly, the misunderstandings you have about these topics. At present, I have selected specific topics for 1-day or 2-day workshops.


I have personally gone through many frustrations and misunderstandings over many years until I learned to understand what specific conflicts and issues are in my own experiences. Many of them were old habitual habits and patterns, which were taught, such as inner criticisms, hatred, anger and on.

This has helped me to allow and observe when working with many people with similar patterns. Many of these people were inhibiting their own development and repeating their own habitual cycle as each person showed their own ways and it affected them in their daily routines differently.

Once each specific topic is understood, it becomes much easier to let go. Although, it takes time for each different person because each of them has their own personal history and patterns.

How you will benefit:

The result is understanding at a deeper level and having clarity and awareness, so that you will experience the shift in your own ways that unfold your habitual patterns and cycles

This brings more inspiration and makes you look at yourself differently

Become more aware in many hidden areas

Bring more clarity and how to take action in different situations

Live a life of possibilities

Allow more wellbeing and improved relationships


“Nothing in life is to feared. It is only to be understood.”

Marie Curie

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