Can You Have it All ?

Yes, you can have it all. But what does it mean to “have it all”?

First of all, many people get caught up in the routine and are conditioned to live based on their beliefs and thoughts and other patterns. Yes, because of this method, many of you are living your full life with lots of money and have everything. However, are you really honestly satisfied with your life? Or are you most of the time stressed and worried, full of fears and doubts?

Everything in life is a form of energy and where you put focus on yourself and your true motivation. This gives you the power to create more and use it in a way that benefits you internally and externally. So, being yourself is a big difference, and you are connected to your true being. This results in your true motivation and inspiration in life for your own purpose. Real living is the present moment – not the way your conditioned mind interprets the experience and situation.

Living in your presence of being is your key to having it all, where you are full of joy, happiness and living a healthy life.

The awareness and the understanding about you and knowing yourself is an essential part of realizing your possibilities. This can resolve many of your issues, allow spontaneous living, support you and allow you to live your life while “having it all”. 

So, having it all means living your life in line with the universal principles and laws of nature in areas of:

  • Financial relationships
  • Physical and social relationships
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual aspects
  • Living and eating and exercise areas


I have created 3 programs to mentor and teach many professionals and non-profession men, women and those interested in learning about and discovering their values and qualities that will allow you to accelerate to your new level.

Please refer to our website for more information about our programs for 10 weeks, 1-day or 2-day workshops or 3-day program for women.

Amyn Lalani

Amyn Lalani

Teacher, mentor and advisor. Amyn brings over 35 years of his own experiential journeyabout Crystal Awareness

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